Born To Fly

How do you keep your feet on the ground when you know that you were born to fly?

There’s something about those hands, baby, something about those arms and the way they think I belong to them.
Sometimes, I do.
But other times, I belong to the way your voice, dull and low, raspy with sleep, says my name, no predicate, no sentence, my name, a declaration.
I like to go to sleep next to you so much that I think my body will question me if I ever sleep alone again. I think we are made for each other, fingers fit like puzzle pieces, lips thrive off of each other,
I always thought a soul mate was someone you convinced yourself you needed because you love them, but laying here with you and seeing my spirit reflect in your eyes only, I realize I was wrong.


I think about what it would be like to have you here a lot, like when i’m lying down i just imagine you playing with my hair or if i’m driving i think about how great it would be to have you sitting next to me like wow i just want you here so badly.

(via parkingstrange)